Poem Quite Quiet
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Poem Quite Quiet

Poem Quite Quiet

Here, the sound of rain is like music

regularly it’s having a rhythm

It’s a magical ,

The dog is barking occasionally

The frogs are grunting

the sound of car’s machine leaks this arrangement

 one by one the music shows completing as orchestra

that is a plane roaring

Smooth,hard and smooth again

Not like as real  music instruments

It’s different

Amazing sounds

Its greatness for The Creator ,The Lord

Yes not similar as the music show on the stage

The sound of music of the falling rain

The sound of the nature 

The sound of the calm night

The sound of out of my house  surrounding

The sound of  silent night

The sound of sadness

As the sound of thunderstorm this morning

On Sunday morning I heard from sosmed

When the morning mass was going on

In the God’s home Father Prier SJ and people around were victim

Here the sound of heart is crying

Intolerable accident

The sound of weakness heart

bowing head

The sound of praying deep down in the quite heart

Lord, I put all things in Your Hand

All is Yours

The good and the bad man

Save all into Your Home

I really trust in You in all

And now I am quite quiet


Jogja feb11,2018

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