Woodcutter & King Mice
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Woodcutter & King Mice

Woodcutter & King Mice.

Woodcutter & King Mice. Once there was a king of mice. King Mice lived in Banyan tree. He lived inside in a Banyan tree in a forest. He loved the tree as his home. He lived there happily.

One day, a poor woodcutter was cutting down some trees in the forest. He started to cut down the banyan tree too. He cut the banyan tree what The King of Mice lived. But he did not know it.

“Oh ,no!”, said the Mouse. The King of Mice became fright what the woodcutter did so he begged the woodcutter to leave the tree. ” Oh Mister, please don’t cut this plant, because my people lived here and I will give you something you make happy. ” said the Mouse again.”OK , I will.” The woodcutter agreed. In result, The King of mice would give the woodcutter a gold every day.

Every evening, the king of the mice gave a piece of gold to the woodcutter. The gold was taken out from the roots of the Banyan tree. The woodcutter was happy and took the gold home.

After a few days, the woodcutter‘s wife asked him, “Where does the gold come from?”He said that was not worry about that. A few days later she asked him again, but he did not tell her. His wife asked him if he didn’t tell her, she would go and tell government or even the king that he was robber. So he replied, “The king of the mice gives me the golds from under the roots of the tree.” “Oh, you are stupid!” his wife suggested. “Why don’t you cut down the tree and take the golds all away?” The woodcutter would do as his wife said.

The following day, the woodcutter cut down the banyan tree. Unfortunately, he did not find any gold there instead the king of the mice had run away and crept up to the woodcutter’s house. The king of the mice took back all the golds. And the woodcutter and his wife became poor people again as before. He was so sorry about his greedy but everything had gone.

What is the moral value of the story of Woodcutter & King Mice?

The moral value of the story is ‘Be tough to be a good man and don’t be greedy man’.

Key word Meaning :

  1. Banyan  : nama pohon seperti pada gambar
  2. Woodcutter : penebang kayu di hutan
  3. King Mice : raja tikus
  4. Cutting down : menebang
  5. Gold : emas
  6. fright : ketakutan tiba-tiba
  7. was taken out from : dikeluarkan dari
  8. Roots : akar-akar
  9.  suggested : saran
  10. robber : merampok
  11. greedy : tamak
  12. crept up : merambat keatas
  13. poor : miskin
  14. had gone : lenyap

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